Metal constructions


Our metal construction division is Poretti Gaggini's proper “carnation in the buttonhole” and for a long time has been a solid point of reference for those who are in need of manufacture and assembly of metal components for building and industry.

Thanks to its solidity, competence and experience gathered in a century of working in the field, Poretti Gaggini is the ideal partner to turn to for manufacturing, repair and replacement in the field of metal construction. Modern factory buildings and a fleet of advanced machines allow us to deal with any kind of metal construction, working with materials such as stainless steel, iron and aluminium, constructing the pieces in our proper workshops and, as far as building is concerned, our team of specialized workmen lay them on the building site, assuring the customer rapid delivery times, maintaining at the same time an excellent quality of the work.

Which typology of metal construction do we carry out ?

Poretti Gaggini's metal construction division, using sofisticated software for projecting and employing specialized technicians and workers, deals with the following sectors:

- Metal constructions for the industry: The Company is in a postion to manufacture anything from single components (panellings, frames, platforms, brackets, casings, basements etc.) to complete machines, assembled and approved. For specific processing of mechanical carpentry please see the special section.

- Metal constructions for the bulding trade: The Company deals with both “heavy” and “light” carpentry all around 360°.

By heavy metal carpentry we understand processings assigned to manufacturing metal supports. In this context the Company works in the civil-industrial-commercial field, on big buildings as well as on those of smaller dimensions. Poretti Gaggini attends to: porch roofs or cantilever roofs of steel, sheds and structures of steel, footbridges, emergency staircases, reticular beams, intermediate floors for the industry, ristoring of building fronts etc. For examples of recent projects in this sector please see the portfolio.

By light metal carpentry we understand manufacturing durable structurses of smaller dimensions. Among the offers of light carpentry Poretti Gaggini creates, produces and instals: doors and windows, gates, fencings, shutters, interior staircases, exterior staircases, railings, parapets, grids, iron bars.
Metal constructions

Why you should turn to Poretti Gaggini for metal constructions

Quality and experience are the main characteristics which have made, and up to these days still make Poretti Gaggini the ideal address to speak to in the field of mechanical processing and metal construction.
On the premises of 11000 sq.m, employing more than 80 operators, technicians and workers, Poretti Gaggini is directly concerned with all the phases of processing, following the customer's requirements from planning until delivery of the finished product.

Our production, besides the metal construction division, includes sections which are specialized in all mechanical processing (milling, lathe-turning), in sheet metal processing (laser-cutting, punching, bending, reel sifting), MIG / MAG / TIG-welding and in industrial lacquering.

An asset to the Company is its specialized staff in the technical office. They analyze the client's demands, are capable of preparing drawings, produce virtual 3D prototypes and arrange for the production process to be carried out, occupying themselves also with assembly and packing, thus allowing Poretti Gaggini to demonstrate being an all-in-one reliable referent in every phase of realizing a project.
The Company is accredited for the system of Quality Management (ISO 9001:2015) and certified according to the standards EN 1090-1 and EN 1090-2 EXC3 referring to production control in the factory and the procedures of welding.

How to ask for a free-of-charge estimate of expenditure for metal construction

Asking for an estimate or for any advice you may want is very easy and without commitment. Poretti Gaggini SA's staff can be contacted from Monday to Friday, 08.00 – 12.00 / 13.00 – 17.30 at the telephone number +41(0)91 935 20 10 or by e-mail at
Poretti Gaggini SA has its seat at Bedano, via al Fiume 1; the Company is active on the whole territory of Switzerland.

Poretti Gaggini SA

Our 100 years of experience make us the ideal partner to speak to concerning mechanical processing and metal construction. From planning up to final delivery we conduct each phase with our specilized staff.

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