Poretti & Gaggini SA

Poretti & Gaggini SA


The Company offers its cutomers differentiated and complete performances ranging from manufacturing single pieces or elaborate series to the delivery of machines and tested an approved aggregates.

Poretti Gaggini supplies its customers with high quality work which makes our products safe and reliable, always suitable for the use they are meant for. Poretti Gaggini operates in partnership with its suppliers in order to develop and make use of the most efficient technologies in observance of environment and security requirements.
Furthermore, the Company can give complete technical assistance to the customer in the projecting phase (technical office, preparation of the working sequences, buying division). The workshops are organized in specialized divisions operating in full sinergy between them.
Poretti Gaggini SA
Division 1 – Preparation metal-sheet processing: The material in this division is being prepared for processing by cutting and sawing, blanking, punching, laser-cutting and bending. In this phase, various raw materials are processed (steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass) into rolled, extrusion treated, drawn etc. condition.

Division 2 – Carpentry welding FE:
In this division assembling and welding of black steel for building are carried out according to the norm EN 1090-2 EXC3.

Division 3 – Mechanics:
In this division general mechanical processing such as turning, milling, lathe-boring, broaching are carried out, as well as lengthwise processing.

Division 4 – Assembly, testing for ufficial approval, lacquering:
In this division, partial or complete assembly of entire machines and industrial plants are carried out, together with the relative testing and approval procedure.
The pieces to be assembled come from the internal production and from the buying department, which is entirely managed by the office in charge, and from the general store. In the same division is situated the industrial liquid lacquering workshop carrying out treatments with polyuretanic or epoxy bases or water or any other lacquers the customer may want.

Division 5 – Forging, metal construction:
This division deals with anything in relation to the building trade, particularly metal carpentry, doors and windows, parapets, staircases, gates, porch roofs etc. manufactured of the various metals in use in the Company as there are steels for use in building, stainless steel and aluminium alloys. All the products are treated and then layed on the building site.
Division 6 – Repairs for the account of a third party: This division deals with rendering general services of assistance and repair, in the workshop or on the site, it also works on machines and plants of all kinds of sectors (alimentary, building, motor car repairing etc.). We also do any type of repairing for personal demands, whatever they may be.

Division 7 – Carpentry welding aluminium and alloys:
This division deals with the assembly and welding of all those materials which must not get into contact with black building steel, especially aluminium and alloys, all alloys of stainless steel.

Poetti & Gaggini means....

Poetti & Gaggini means....

Quality, rapidness, precision, efficiency and reliability.
Products for the industry:
Through its “job-shop” structure, the Company can supply numerous services and special processings complying to the customer's most manifold demands, as well at level B2B as level B2C.

Products for the building trade:
Doors and windows of aluminium with thermal cutting treatment, of iron – stainless steel, metal carpentry and foot-bridges, parapets of metal – glass, perforated panels, gates, manual or motorized, rescue-staircasess of zinc-coated and lacquered iron, roofing for car ports with flat or curved covering, canopies, garage doors, manual or motorized, normed election cabins, notice boards, wrought iron lanterns PG 83 for historical village centres etc.

Construction of machines and industrial plants:
Thanks to a technical office managed by a team of qualified engineers, the Company deals with developing and manufacturing machines and industrial plants according to the customer's requirements.


Poretti Gaggini has for 100 years been a leading company in this field and is a reference point in the sector of mechanical processing and metal construction.

Security and reliabilitiy

We supply our customers with high quality work which makes our products safe, reliable and always suitable for their use.

Professional responsibility

We supply finished products which fully reflect the functional characteristics required by customers, observing the agreed terms of delivery.

Solutions to measure

We offer consulting and planning special solutions according to the necessities of the product the customer wishes to obtain.

Poretti Gaggini SA

Our 100 years of experience make us the ideal partner to speak to concerning mechanical processing and metal construction. From planning up to final delivery we conduct each phase with our specilized staff.

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